Taking your pride parade experience to a whole new level is what this trip is all about with excursions to amazing places like Stonewall Inn, a gay bar that is also a national landmark site of the 1969 riots which launched the gay rights movement. So it’s not just drinks and fun but culture and history too. There’s a bunch of events that you can choose to attend on the 23rd as the pride parade kicks off and on the 24th on the official Parade day. Let loose and enjoy your nights out exploring some LGBTQ clubs/ lounges as you celebrate free love and pride.



Often people tend to shy away from traveling to NYC during big events as it seems daunting to plan an itinerary especially if it’s your first time but Siyatravela along with Rev Moema brings you a jam-packed travel itinerary to explore the big city and celebrate pride like never before. Explore what the big apple has to offer along with all its wonderful events and people.


Get the chance to experience:



New York City is a top-rated travel destination and this coming June it’s about to be filled with a whole lot of pride. The New York Pride Parade March of 2018 is taking place on Sunday, 24th of June. The pride parade has been going since 1970 and since then it’s gotten a whole lot more colourful and extravagant. The Pride Parade is a wonderful must add on to your adventure to experience when in NYC.

You don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ community in order to enjoy this beautiful and empowering event, as its welcome for all. Whether you chose to get dressed up or not in the festivity is totally up to you but one thing is for sure lots of fun and happy memories will be made.

This nine day trip costs R74500 and includes:
  • Flights, accommodation and all meals
  • Excursions and US Visa

Email info@siyatravela.co.za for banking details. Please attach copy of passport with proof of payment. 50% deposit must be paid by the 25th of April in order for booking to be confirmed.

For further enquiries please contact Rev Moema at 0813357829.


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