Who would have thought that boosting your health can be as easy as taking a holiday. An American study showed that people who travel more annually have a higher life expectancy than individuals who hardly travel.

Here are seven scientifically proven benefits that traveling is good for health:


Reduces stress:

Travel helps with the decrease of stress because not being around everyday stresses leads to stress being reduced. Travel also promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation which also contribute to a stress decrease.


Helps with your heart:

Travel is good for your heart, as lower stress levels mean less strain on your heart. When you travel you place yourself out of your daily stressed filled environment which intern helps reduce anxiety and lowers your chances of developing heart disease.

Improves brain:

Travel is very good for the brain as it helps improve brain health. When you travel you meet and interact with many different people and come into contact with different ways of thinking, behaving and communicating. These interactions and experiences expand your mind and promote cognitive flexibility therefor keeping your mind sharp.


Boosts immune system:

Travel exposes you to different environments, which create stronger antibodies and boost your immune system significantly. When you travel to new environment you pick up new antibodies that will help protect you from many other diseases.

Helps with longevity:

Travel also helps with longevity because the body is exposed to new antibodies and reduced stress. Your overall health improves.


Improves fitness:

Travel helps with fitness because there are more opportunities to be fit. People tend to walk more and do more physical activities when on holiday. Especially because of walking tours, sightseeing and adventure tours.


Many places with healing properties:

Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary Pic: Flickr

There are many places in the world that are known for their healing properties and traveling exposes many people to these locations. Examples of these places are the natural hot springs in Iceland, Turkey and Costa Rica which are known their earth healing properties. The mineral rich waters that are found at the hot springs help people with skin,stress and physical pains issues.

There are many other benefits to travel such as new cultural experiences and mental growth that make traveling worthwhile.