Traveling can be strenuous on your skin as it gets introduced to different environments and elements. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized and protected so that you don’t look tired or uncomfortable when traveling.

Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy glow and reduce puffy face when traveling on long distance flights.


Whether you have oily or dry skin don’t forget to put on some good cream because flying can dry your skin out.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water helps your body inside and outside. Drinking water gives your body that extra special hydrated glow. The rule of thumb is one glass for every hour you are on air.


If you plan on wearing makeup it’s important to take a travel size cleanser along with you. Leaving on makeup for to long especially when changing environment will cause your skin to breakout and that’s the last thing anyone wants when traveling.

Hydrating mist.

This little extra pick me up is great for people that have oily or combination skin-type. The face mist helps with revitalizing your skin after a long flight making sure you don’t look tired.

Hydrating and smoothing mask

Another extra for people who want to tackle their baggy or puffy eyes. This extra buy is easy to travel with and dispose of once used. Stick to masks that are easy to place and take off when traveling.

Lip balm.

Airplanes are known to dry out people’s skin and that includes your lips. Having a good lip balm will prevent that unwanted lip cracking.


One of the most important travel essentials is sunscreen that’s got a good SPF. Traveling with sunburns is not fun so protect your skin 24/7.

Tinted moisturizer/ B.B cream

Finding a good tinted moisturizer is a great investment for makeup lovers. Tinted moisturizers are less harsh on your face then foundation. Go for a tinted moisturizer when traveling as it’s also got SPF in it and some come with undertones that can help with balancing out skin tone.

Don’t be afraid of make up

When traveling it’s important to be a lot more aware of your makeup especially if you want to wear makeup.

  • Plan your makeup looks and pack your makeup bag according to the looks you want to pull off
  • Choose items from your makeup that can be used as more than one tool as this reduces space in your travel makeup bag.
  • Don’t pack new makeup you’ve never used before or tested out on your skin yet.
  • Know what works for you and pack what doesn’t cause damage.


Clean brushes and sponges before you pack them for travel.

Having clean brushes is important but it also reduces chances of experiencing a breakout.

Pack the basic essentials.

Mascara, lipstick/ lip gloss, eyeliner and face powder are some of the essentials that can make a look.

Be kind to your skin

Often your skin might just breakout because of the change of weather or seasons. Be kind and gentle if this does happen don’t start adding unknown products in a rush attempt. Stick to what works and give your face time to adjust. Make sure it’s not an allergic reaction.