Wanderlust Patience Baloyi went on an adventurous trip to Zanzibar with her two sisters in May. She counts snorkeling for the first time as her biggest highlight for their girl’s getaway:




What did you travel for?

Leisure, to bond with my sisters as we celebrated my middle sister’s 30thbirthday


Three Must Do activities

  • Visit Stone Town for their rich history and visit the Old Slave Market Museum, shop through the markets which serve anything from fresh fish and meat, exotic fruit, spice, cloth and jewelry. Care for lunch, the city offers some of the best cuisines. You can also take a boat trip to the Prison island and see some of the oldest tortoises in the world, don’t forget to pack a bathing suit, the Prison Island beach is a stunner. If you stay until sunset, not only does Stone Town carry some of the best sunset viewing, you can enjoy the night market along the promenade.


  • Safari Blue tour for some of the world’s most beautiful snorkeling sites, make sure boat ride takes you to the Blue Lagoon also referred to as the natural swimming pool by the locals, it was a beautiful, most serene lagoon with still sparkling waters, worth jumping in for a swim or a float to absorb all that serenity, it was bliss.

  • The Spice Tour is a must, besides tourism, fishery, agriculture is one of the economic contributors of Tanzania. The Spice farms on the island boasts the origin of some of the most common spices in their rawest form, a very enlightening tour. At the time of my visit, the locals were observing Ramadan and thus, not able to cook us a hot meal, however, we enjoyed some of the juiciest fruit ever. My favorite being the jackfruit, which is a cross breed of banana and pineapple, yummy! The tour is sealed by song and dance while watching a coconut tree climber going up to bring you the freshest coconut on the island.



Best Meal?

The food on the island is amazing, the resort served us some of the best tuna I have ever tasted.  I also enjoyed the sea food cuisine served at the Safari Blue tour, I can still taste the slipper lobster/kamba, worth every penny and tickle to the taste bud😊




Most memorable?

  • Too many to mention, but cheering on the coconut tree climber with song and clapping together with the locals and being served the tastiest coconut followed by being gifted with a crown, neck piece and hand jewels made from the leaves was heartwarming.

  • Snorkeling for the first time and experiencing it with my sisters was a dream come true.
  • Did I mention that floating on the Blue lagoon for what seems like a day time nap was my absolute favourite?

Okay, I will stop here😊