Seville is the capital city of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. The vibrant city is known for its famous dancing style known as flamenco which can be found within the Triana neighbourhood. Here are a few reasons  why you should put Seville on your 2018 travel plans.

Flamenco Dancer



The city  boasts an array of major landmarks which include the baroque Alcázar castle complex which was built during the Moorish Almohad dynasty, this landmark holds the UNESCO world heritage site title and is a must-see for any travellers looking to indulge in stunning culture.


Alcázar Castle Complex – UNESCO World Heritage Site



The beautiful culturally rich city is filled with amazing landmarks such as the Plaza de Espana and the Gothic Seville Cathedral which is the site of Christopher Columbus’s tomb, these are just a few of the incredible landmarks that can be explored.


Plaza de Espana

Historic Gothic Cathedral



Seville mixes old gothic architecture and modern buildings, creating a pleasing landscape of old and new. The Metropol Parasol (Setas de Sevilla) is a modern architecture on Plaza de la Encarnacion, the walkway at the top of the building provides an expansive view of the city centre. Allowing travellers to take panoramic images that will bring any Instagram feed to life.


Metropol Parasol (Setas de Sevilla)

City view from Metropol Parasol (Setas de Sevilla), walk way



It’s easy to explore the city and all of the spectacular historic sights it has to offer whether you choose to take a tour bus, boat ride or opt for a magical horse-drawn carriage ride, Seville offers it all.


Horse driven Carriage ride in the Plaza

Seville Canal Water Way



Whether you’re looking for fine dining or just some Tapas. Seville has a wide selection of tapas bars that offer appetizers and snack sized Spanish cuisine dishes. The Metropolitan doesn’t just offer great food but also has one of the oldest bar known as El Rinconcillo which opened in 1670 and there are also many more modern options to discover.


Tapas of Spanish cuisine

El Rinconcillo, oldest bar



This stunning destination offers a whole new cuisine experience, filled with amazing dishes such as fresh churros which can be found on local street carts to the regions famous bumpy and slightly bitter oranges, (Seville Oranges). There’s a wide selection of food waiting to be tried out, making Seville a perfect city for any traveller that’s looking to expand their pallet or cooking skills.


Seville oranges growing outside cathedral


Dance and Music.

The gorgeous Spanish city is known for flamenco, which is a rhythmic song and dance style that dates back to the 9th century. The performances often feature women dancing in striking Flamenco outfits which are accompanied by traditional Spanish music. These performances are a must-see for anyone who truly wishes to experience Spanish culture.


Flamenco Dancers performing