Solo travel is already stressful enough without the added struggles of having to ask strangers to capture your special travel moments. Here are some cool tips you can use when you want to get that perfect Instagram picture.


The first key important item is having a good camera weather you decide to use your phone or get a camera. Make sure your device is able to capture your special moments in good quality.

If you’re about to by a new camera try looking at Bluetooth/ WiFi enabled cameras as they allow you to connect your phone to the camera and use an app that lets you see what you look like on your camera before you take the shot remotely.

You’ve already got a camera

You can either chose to invest in a timer or using your cameras built in timer to capture your pictures. Make sure that you give yourself at least a 10 second count down so your poses come out more natural rather then unexpected.

The tripod.

Getting a tripod is a great idea if you want to take wide outdoor shots or an image from a distance. If you can’t get a tripod you can always stack books or any other good weighted objects and create a makeshift platform for your camera from a good vantage point.

Don’t be afraid to play around.

Before getting the perfect shot try to line up and set the scene. Take tests shots to make sure that your full body shot actually shows your body in all its glory.

If this means moving your camera from one side of the room to another, that’s okay because it does take some time to get that perfect image.

Don’t just stop at one image.

It’s okay to take a bunch of images of one scene because often the best image isn’t the first one captured. Take a bunch of images and change your poses or placements as you go. The more pictures you have the better your chances are of finding a great gem.


Lighting is very important whether you chose to use your phone or camera, it’s important to find the right lighting. Or at least face the light so your pictures are not washed out.

Great apps for photo editing and capturing photos on your phone.

VSCO, Afterlight and Lightroom are just a few of the really good apps you can use on your phone when editing images on the go.