What makes Picturesque Venice a destination worth visiting more than just once? The Floating Italian city is known for its long winding canals and romantic atmosphere but those are just a few reasons why people keep going back for more.



Venice, Italy

Gondola Rides Venice



This city of water canals is the capital city of the northern Veneto region of Italy. It is  made up of many small islands in a lagoon situated in the Adriatic Sea. Venice is filled with stunning gothic architecture and bustling streets.

The romantic gondola rides are often used by lovers on Instagram either on honeymoon or just upright serving relationship goals. For those who are enjoying the single life, Venice doesn’t fail to provide entertainment. Whether it’s partying your holiday away at the carnival or just immersing yourself in the cobbled streets and wide array of delicious cuisine, this city never disappoints.


San Giorgio Maggiore

Island Hopping

The Venetian lagoon is filled with a wide array of beautiful islands that are a must see such as San Giorgio Maggiore. The island is now known for being the home of the Cini Foundation arts center which is known for its amazing library. Visiting the Teatro Verde is a must when traveling to San Giorgio Maggiore, the open theatre built in the 1950s is the perfect spot to experience a true Venetian sunset.



Doge’s palace

Doge’s palace


Think jaw draw dropping sights that will grab the attention of any photographer, as its canals and streets draw you into another world. Every trip you take will expose you to hidden gems you may not have seen before like the Doge’s palace to Islamic architectural influence found at The Palazzo Santa Sofia. As well as the iconic Lorenzo Quinn sculpture that depicts two giant hands coming out of the water can be found holding up the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel in Venice. Whether you follow the crowds or go out exploring on your own there’s always something new to find.



Campo Santa Margherita

Carnevale di Venezia

It’s for everyone.

Whether you’re taking a trip with friends, family or partner there is an array of activities and different experiences to enjoy when traveling to this lagoon city. There are tours of the best bacaris (wine bars) and selections of museums to explore that are filled with kid-friendly activities. There’s also gondola rides, romantic candlelight cruises and an assortment of fancy meals to choose from. If you’re all about partying then visiting this city during Carnevale di Venezia is a must from the wild over the top costumes, yearly changing theme and extravagant parades make it a bucket list experience or dancing at Campo Santa Margherita is a must for party travellers.



Caffè Quadri



Italy is the home of great food and Venice doesn’t fail to impress from its array of Michelin-starred restaurants to delicious market food. The city has a wide selection of cuisine to try. Also known for its coffee culture the bustling city is filled with stunning cafes and coffee shops.


source: Daily mail